Battle for Azeroth 13.08.2018 23:30

World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth launches on 14.08 and you can now pre-order everything you want at Gameloot. Here you can find all links to it.

Raid and Dungeons

Uldir will be the first raid in the Battle for Azeroth expansion and will open its gates on 05.09.2018. We already have fixed dates and the slots are limited. So do not wait too long and save yourself your place in the first ID today.

As a special feature we can already offer Mythisch. This will be NOT in the first ID. In addition, it may well be that you have to change the server.

New Heroic and Mythical Dungeons await you. Mythic +10 we also offer directly to which supply you with good gear.

Leveln and Quest Service

You're on vacation for the start but want your character to be ready for the endgame? Here are some new articles for you.

There is also a new Pathfinder achievement. This requires significantly more work than the Legion achievement.

Over the next few days and weeks more articles will be coming to the shop.