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Antorus Mythic now crossrealm available 20.03.2018 17:30

Antorus der Brennende Thron Mythisch frei für alle Gruppen

Antorus the Burning Throne Mythic can now be entered by any group. Until today it was the case that only players from the same server could build a raid and fight together the bosses in mythic.

From Wednesday the 21.03, all players are allowed to build a raid on any server, no matter which server they are, and try the Mythic difficulty with other players

But this means also, when you buy a Masterloot Boost or Argus or Shackled Ur'zul you dont have to change your server. You can buy it and wait for invite at Datetime.

The next news will be published Wednesday, March 21st at 8pm: What's new at Gamelooting soon